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Our Multicolor series features top-of-the-range, luxurious, sumptuous and seductive products that are ideal for anyone wishing to imagine extraordinary places and surroundings.

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  • White Lady artificial grass is part of a series featuring high-tech products. It is a line of products designed to radically transform environments. These are professional products: architects and designers, after having discovered them, end up using them because of their great aesthetic impact.

  • All Black is one of the most intriguing turfs from our design collection. It’s a artificial grass surface that is seven millimeters thick, over which you can work or have fun because it can be placed in any kind of environment and used for any purpose.

  • Our design collection had to include a product such as Grey Tech artificial grass, an innovative kind of artificial grass that is ideal for professional and commercial environments but also for residential areas that are extremely modern.

  • Blue Tech artificial grass is a highly sophisticated product, it features balanced components and is irresistible because it adapts to any kind of environment; it’s soft, maintenance-free, resistant and was designed while keeping in mind environmental sustainability requirements.

  • Red Carpet artificial grass is one of those products that are designed not only to revolutionize an environment when it comes to paving but also to completely change the aesthetic impact of the areas where it is placed.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items