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The Luxury Garden series is dedicated to the most demanding customers’ desire for change.
We took care of every detail of this product series so the final result could resemble natural turf as much as possible.

Sun Valley Artificial Grass


Sun Valley artificial grass is a top product. All the most modern and intriguing features are combined in a turf that is suitable for high-end luxury gardens.

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Sun Valley turf is four centimeters thick: it’s a kind of artificial grass that is second to none. But let’s start from the beginning: first, let’s talk about the yarns we’ve used. We have the fabulous X-Double® yarn, which was created to be up to 30% cooler -in terms of heat dissipation, compared to other products on the market, thanks to its dual structure, which also makes it light and incredibly resistant.

Then we have a curly textured yarn, which has been linked several times to provide a twisted effect that gives the whole turf a more natural look. Then consider the colors we’ve used. Shades of green and shades of beige aimed at creating a kind of artificial grass that resembles real grass even more.

And then, both of these yarns feature an internal structure offering a “High Memory System,” which lets them spring back to their original position.

We’ve got an extraordinary amount of fibers per square meter, more than 300,000, to offer you the opportunity to walk on a thick and very soft green carpet.

And we’re not done yet. We also have a backing featuring a double reinforced weft to ensure unparalleled duration. This product is very popular with landscapers because every time it’s used for decorating prestigious gardens it never disappoints.

For this reason it is also one of the turfs that are requested most often by our customers.
Sun Valley artificial grass represents a perfect result. Every time you take a look around while standing on Sun Valley turf, you won’t be able to help congratulating yourself on your choice.

One last important point: the stitch density of this wonderful artificial turf combined with its height will allow you to install it very quickly without needing any infill. So this high quality product is easy to use and also charming and fascinating.

Your neighbors will envy you as the ones on whose side the grass is always greener.
ColorLime green and forest green + green and ocher color
Total weight (Gr/M²)2.500 gr/m² ± 100 gr/m²
Yarn Type100% Polyethylene + Polypropylene
StructureExtruded wired and textured monofilament
Pile height (mm)40 ± 2,0 mm

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