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The Luxury Garden series is dedicated to the most demanding customers’ desire for change.
We took care of every detail of this product series so the final result could resemble natural turf as much as possible.

Portofino Artificial Grass


With Portofino artificial grass we’ve managed to bring together a number of outstanding features: German quality, the best raw materials in Europe for which the absence of lead and cadmium residues is 100% guaranteed.

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That’s not all. The “straight” fibers that make up this turf are four times stronger than average thanks to a particular, exclusive construction technique called X-Double®. In short, the yarn is made up of fibers that are coupled with a construction process that as of today remains unmatched: we are the only ones to offer this cutting-edge technological solution. This allows for another incredible advantage: it absorbs up to 30% less heat. This means that even in the hottest weather you’ll find it pleasant to freely walk over it barefoot.

But there’s even more. The new colors of this turf are very fresh – they were developed by our design offices to meet the latest furnishing requirements.

It is a perfect product for outdoor environments such as gardens or pool edges because it blends in extremely well with real grass.

On the base, we have coupled twined fibers made of very soft virgin polypropylene in order to offer an extraordinary dry grass effect.

Of course both yarns used feature our traditional “High Memory System”, which allows the fibers to return to the original position after they’ve been walked on. So the turf is always perfect.

Also the backing over which this extraordinary turf is woven carpet is last-gen: it features an intertwined double weft to provide greater resistance to any kind of strain.

Portofino turf will withstand any kind of weather condition and doesn’t need any maintenance.
And now here is some purely technical data, which, as mentioned above, represents this turf’s real strongpoint: stitch density amounts to 126.000 fibers per square meter

Portofino artificial turf is excellent for the most sophisticated solutions. Among other things, Portofino turf doesn’t require any infill, so it can be installed quickly and easily.

This artificial grass is a masterpiece, just like the town whose name it bears.
ColorLime green and forest green + green and ocher color
Total weight (Gr/M²)2.300 gr/m² ± 100 gr/m²
Yarn Type100% Polyethylene + Polypropylene
StructureExtruded wired and textured monofilament
Pile height (mm)30 ± 2 mm

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