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The Luxury Garden series is dedicated to the most demanding customers’ desire for change.
We took care of every detail of this product series so the final result could resemble natural turf as much as possible.

Brasil Artificial Grass


Brasil is a turf whose colors will remind you of the great, green country which it is named after. Its shades of color are perfect and modern so it can adapt to the most challenging and demanding ornamental situations.

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In fact, this artificial grass presents extraordinary technical features: 35mm of extremely soft thickness with 400.000 fibers per square meter. An excellent result also due to the use of “W Shape®” yarn, a kind of yarn produced with cutting-edge construction techniques. In fact, we’ve been able to blend two fibers into one, thus doubling each fiber. The result is an incredible resistance to any kind of strain, combined with unique lightness. We are the only company offering this level of construction technology.

But this artificial grass offers another fantastic feature. Thanks to its structure, “W Shape®” yarn offers a 30% higher heat dissipation capacity, compared to other products on the market. This means that you can take pleasant walks on this wonderful artificial turf even on the hottest days. Brasil turf is environment-friendly as it is produced with excellent raw materials that fulfill the most stringent European laws on the emission of pollutants.

As pointed out at the beginning, the shades of Brasil artificial grass are fresh and ideal for furnishing luxurious gardens, terraces or roof gardens.

The other element that makes Brasil turf incredibly similar to real grass is a textured, curly yarn featuring an ecru coloration which provides a dry grass effect.

All yarns used for this product also offer as a basic feature the High Memory System, which makes the fibers return to their original position even after periods of intense use.

The base over which this extraordinary turf is woven, or in other words, the backing, is last-gen: it features an intertwined dual weft that provides greater resistance to any kind of strain.

Brasil is a very thick kind of artificial grass so it can be installed without any infill so it’s very easy to install.

So if you love the exotic, Brasil is the right kind of artificial grass for you.
ColorLime green and forest green + green and ocher color
Total weight (Gr/M²)2.400 gr/m² ± 100 gr/m²
Yarn Type100% Polyethylene + Polypropylene
StructureExtruded wired and textured monofilament
Pile height (mm)28 ± 2,0 mm

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