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The Luxury Garden series is dedicated to the most demanding customers’ desire for change.
We took care of every detail of this product series so the final result could resemble natural turf as much as possible.

Bahamas Artificial Grass


Those who know the Bahamas know what we’re talking about when we’re discussing a paradise of colors and shades. We created the Bahamas artificial grass with all this in mind.

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And we’ve been successful. Bahamas artificial grass is one of the most beautiful lawns that you can find on the market. And we’re not saying this just because we’re the ones who make it. We’re saying this because the customers who bought it say this and compliment us about it every day.

Everything is designed to offer a harmonious and perfect result. A thickness of 32 millimeters and a high density of stitches provide an unmatched product. Placed on the edges of pools or used to enrich the most prestigious areas of your gardens, the Bahamas artificial grass is a superlative product.

The technical data demonstrates this. Estreme Plus® yarn, which we own exclusively, offers three unsurpassed features: extraordinary strength, unique lightness and softness, and above all, the ability to disperse heat 30% faster than any competitor can.

This happens thanks to a unique construction technique which joins two filaments into one, thus making them four times more resistant than all others.

Our shades of green satisfy the standards set by a top-of-the-range product. We offer four different shades ranging from apple green to pure green, in order to offer wonderful emerald reflections from any observation point.

In addition, we have curly textured yarn to complete this artificial grass which ends up being indistinguishable from a real grass lawn.

The base is also well-structured. The triple weave backing is super-reinforced.

Bahamas artificial grass is perhaps the best selling product on the market because it enables you to walk over unparalleled technology and design.

It’s a lawn featuring an amazing number of filaments per square meter: almost 500,000. This ought to give you an idea of the beauty of this amazing product.

A refined product for refined customers.
ColorLime green and forest green + green and ocher color
Total weight (Gr/M²)2.700 gr/m² ± 100 gr/m²
Yarn Type100% Polyethylene + Polypropylene
StructureExtruded wired and textured monofilament
Pile height (mm)34 ± 2,0 mm

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