Payment methods

At, we accept these following means of payment.


You can purchase at with peace of mind.

Bank Card, the easiest fastest and safest method to purchase online. Transmission of your card details and personal details are fully secure.
We remind you that by paying with bank card, you'll be charged only once your order is shipped.

EU standard bank transfer

Please use the following details to transfer your total order value:

Bank Name: Deutsche Bank
Branch: An den Dominikanern 11-27, Köln-Andreaskloster, Germany
Account Name: Stratogreen Gmbh
IBAN: DE14 3707 0024 0118 2575 00

Your order will not ship until we receive payment into the above account.


Select the flexibility to choose the best payment method for your purchase. PayPal account can be link to your bank account, debit and credit cards. Just add your bank and card details to your PayPal account and then choose how you want to pay during the checkout process. Financial information are private and secure.