Installation services

Installing synthetic grass lawns

The know-how, skills and human and technical resources of our group allow the design and construction of green spaces of any size, and the production of the most advanced artificial turf systems.

Our technical and commercial offices throughout Europe, in order to ensure consistent performance and in line with the planned arrangements, are able to provide professional advice to "tailor-made" engineering of artificial grass systems and service and maintenance in after-sales stages.

Comprehensive professional assistance 

Design Area. We study and design, in collaboration with our customers, outdoor and indoor solutions suitable for any use. Our ten years experience extends naturally, also to the sport and recreation.

Construction Area. The structural interventions are made with the support of specialized partners able to operate in every place and condition. If necessary, we are able to implement the demolition work, excavation, earthmoving, foundations, structures, fencing and lighting.

Maintenance Area. Among the highlights of the synthetic turf strength we are reduced maintenance costs: this does not mean the abandonment of installations made.

You can contact us at any time for a visit and a technical opinion, they will be made the necessary checks and tests to evaluate and advise the synthetic grass most suitable and the most successful installation.