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Stratogreen Gmbh

Artificialgrass24: a made-in Germany project.

Stratogreen Gmbh is perhaps the largest German industrial group offering sports and decorative synthetic grass carpets.
The strength of Stratogreen Gmbh lies in its production volumes: more than 10 million square meters a year of all types of carpets for every need and every use that are distributed all over Europe and the United States.
Of course this quantity allows us to enjoy three basic things: bargaining power during the purchase of raw materials, the possibility of choosing the partners we want to work with and extraordinary economies of scale. This means unbeatable value for money.


The opening of the online store has made it possible for internet users at large to access excellent sale to options.

  • Sales service in English
  • Delivery throughout the UK
  • A vast selection and continuously updated products

Our sales service in English, Artificialgrass24.com, provides for delivery throughout the UK, offering our special deals also to British citizens living abroad.
Artificialgrass24.com ensures that available products are continuously updated, in order to offer customers an ever increasing selection.

All questions on products, payment methods, prices, etc. will be answered in English.
The approximate delivery time is 10-15 working days from the date of the order, depending on the availability in stock of the products ordered, which can be shipped from our headquarters in Germany or from our other logistics centers located throughout Europe, including the UK.

Quality and Technology

Stratogreen Gmbh

Experience and German quality for a superior product.

In addition to seeking the most innovative materials, Stratogreen studies its chemical/physical properties in order to optimize its use and improve its performance.

Stratogreen concludes this process of study and research by purchasing raw materials with the highest international quality rating.

State of the art of Stratogreen technology is the latest and most advanced technology available. In all the phases of the industrial cycle Stratogreen has installations equipped with automatic control systems and microprocessors that reduce almost completely the variability of the work steps.

Stratogreen is the company's most advanced technological innovation on the floor because he has turned his attention, increasingly, toward the design and implementation phase of the production cycles, to meet customer expectations.
For more informations about Stratogreen visit the website Stratogreen.com


An impeccable service and above-average product quality. You can tell that they’re German.

Thomas Hutchinson

Good morning. I’ve had your artificial turf installed. Your workers were great, they observed the deadline for delivery, and they left the house spotless. Professional and skilled. I am very satisfied and if someone I know should need to install synthetic turf I’ll mention your company. Best regards.

Jurgen Hoeness

I wish to compliment erbasintetica24.com for their efficiency and speed, which I enjoyed when I purchased some synthetic turf for my terrace. I will certainly talk about them to the people I know.

Margareth Daniels