Our turnkey Kit for sports offers you the opportunity to buy everything you need to install an artificial turf facility or to replace your worn-out carpet.

The price shown for each product includes the necessary amount of artificial grass, the (white or yellow) synthetic grass markings that are of the same type as the green edition of the product, which you’ll need to trace your field.

Basically, if you want to replace the carpet of a five-a-side football field, you only need to let us know the exact length and width of the field and we will give you everything you need: from the customized synthetic grass sheets to all the materials needed to finish the work.

You can calculate the total cost by simply multiplying the square meters of your five-a-side football field for the price per square meter of the product you’ve chosen. Measure your facility, choose for example FiFa 40 turf, take the price, multiply it by the number of square meters, and that’s it.
This overall cost does not include installation, that is, the labor costs for installing your facility.

This will give you the freedom to do everything independently. We will provide you with all the necessary instructions and we’ll be at your disposal for any questions. Perhaps you don’t want to do it yourself? Have no fear. We can put you in touch with dozens of installers throughout Italy to whom you can hand over the task or who will assist you, if needed. The negotiations regarding this point are completely in your hands. If on the other hand you prefer us to take care of everything, no problem.

Transport costs are also excluded, because it is impossible to provide the same competitive price for transportation all over England. There are big differences in terms of transport costs between a shipment to Plymouth and one to Leeds. But also in this case just provide us with the coordinates of your worksite and we’ll do our best to provide you with an extremely competitive offer involving the best transport companies in England..

That’s all there is to it.

You’ll finally be free to buy the carpet you need for your sports facilities completely autonomously. No intermediaries. From the manufacturer directly to you.